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What are the basics to play foosball?

Serve:  Place the ball in the center of the table between your middle two 5 bar men. Ask the opponent if they are “ready”. To put the ball into play, touch two men before advancing the ball.

Hitting the ball:  Strike the ball is with a flick or snap of the wrist and hand.

Passing and catching:  Be soft, absorb the impact of receiving the ball. Guide the ball and don’t overreact to receiving when advancing from one figure to the next.

Shooting:  Watch the defense to find an open hole to shoot the ball. Quickly snap or flick it into the goal. Don't do a big wind up before you hit the ball, a flick motion is better and more deceiving on where you are aiming.

Defense:  Think of all your figures as a team. They move together to make a larger wall of defenders. Try to stay or move in front of the ball as the opponent shoots.

Blocking slop:  When a loose ball on the table rolls into the goal unintentionally by the players, it is referred to as “slop”.  To block the slop in the corner of the goal, tip the goalie figure back enough for the ball to not go behind the figure.  Move smoothly in front of the goal to get loose slop balls in the middle of the goal.

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Playing The Game

Foosball is a table with 8 rods with handles and 'table soccer' men figures. Each player/team uses their handles to move their men to strike the ball into the opposing team’s goal. The game is fast and fun!

Objective: Have fun! Use your figures to pass and shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal while blocking the ball from going into your own goal. You serve the ball and try to score!

Game: A typical game is played to 5 points. Don't get too caught up in this though, some people play to 7 points or 9, or whatever. A match would normally consist of the first to win 2 out of best 2 out of 3 games, or maybe 3 out of 5.

Rules: Foosball rules can be simple and made up by the players or more complex created by professional foosball federations.  Simple rules are to hit the ball into the goal.  Complex rules include no spinning, time limits to advance the ball from each rod, and time outs during play. If you score, the other team serves. Be polite to your opponent and no swearing.  Official ITSF rule book.

Tournaments: The professional players compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars ($100,000) all over the world. A typical tournament last for 3 days in which players compete against various divisions and several events.

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Youth Foosball League

The North Rose-Wolcott Foosball program kicks off a student foosball club in Syracuse, NY.   The grass roots of John O'Brian's efforts is building our next generation of players.  Read more about what you can do for foosball in your local schools.

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