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1) Goalie Wars - This is always a fan favorite 1 on 1 game that also allows you to brush up on your offensive shots from the defense. In order to play Goalie Wars you want to put the middle 4 bars on the table up so there are only the 2 defensive bars on each side left down. You can only use your 2 defense rods to try to score on your opponent which is a great way to learn how to defend shots from the defense. Play a simple foosball goalie wars game to 5 points and then try another game below. 2) Penalty Shots - This one is the same concept as a shoot out at the end of a soccer game. Line your offensive rod up against your opponents defense and take your favorite penalty kick! Each team will shoot against the opponent's defense for a total of 10 chances to take a shot from the 3 bar. The player with the most goals out of 10 will win the game. If the game results in a tie, continue to take another 5 shots per round until a winner is decided. 3) 1 Handed Foosball - This game may seem odd to some of the more experienced foosball players

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