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Original-Leonhart Foosball is Here!

Original-Leonhart Tischfussball/Kicker/Foosball parts are now available at ==>>

We are trying out a batch of Leonhart foosball parts for the US distribution.   These are the top German parts in use at country and international events.  They are ideal for upgrades to old TS tables of the 70's, 80's and 90's,   They have Green and Black tournament figure  that are counter balanced and a variety of figures in different colors for home tables that are not head-weighted.  The toe shape and quality are quite good.   The men fit a bit loose on Tornado, but the nut/bolt used to attach them to Tornado snugs them up nicely for good playability.   The Tornado rods are closer to the playfield than Leonhart rods so the height difference will be noticable vs playing on the Original-Leonhart table.  Give us your feedback on these parts & bug us if you'd be a table customer!

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