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Foosball App Fun!

Foosball apps are a great way to enjoy some foos fun on your mobile devices.  You can download free apps such as Foosball Cup to enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere!  Apps are available for most mobileOS devices and a great way to develop your hand eye coordination and have a blast.

For die-hard enthusiasts, check out New Potato’s Classic Match iPad Foosball accessory that attaches to an Apple iPad for an on-the-go foos experience.

For professional tournament play referees, may we suggest iRefFoos or Foosball Ref.  The referee apps allow you to keep score, mark timeouts, and time each ball possession during a competitive match.

Get to downloading, installing, and having some fun on your phone or tablet!

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

To the average novice player, a foosball table is a foosball table. However, to a die-hard “fooser,” there are four distinct styles, which necessitate different styles of play. For example, American style foosball, also known as “Texas foosball,” is generally played on a dense, solid table surface like mahogany, the ball is usually thick plastic, and the foosball men are made of harder plastic, all of which makes for a fast game where power rules. In addition, American tables have three men on the goalie bar as opposed to one goalie in other countries, enabling the player to pull the ball out of the corner without stopping gameplay. In contrast, French foosball is played on a linoleum surface with a “tacky” feel and a cork ball, making the gameplay much more controlled, with an emphasis on passing the ball and setting up shots, just like real football. German tables are the softest of the bunch, providing ultimate control of the ball to strategically line up shots on over-sized goals. Finally, Italian tables are a good mix of styles, well known for using either sandblasted glass to allow for faster gameplay, or plastic laminate to

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4 Tips on Maintaining a Foosball Table

A foosball table may cost a little too much for some game enthusiasts. However, a good number of people buy these tables just so they can enjoy a good game with a friend or a family member. And primarily because of its worth, it's very important you properly maintain your table. Here are suggestions on what you should do to keep your foosball table in tiptop condition: 1. Apply a few drops of silicone on the rods. A few drops of silicone are all you need to ensure that your rods work well in and around its bearing. Silicone is the primary lubrication solution for foosball tables. It stops the snickering of the rods. Apply silicone at least once in a month. 2. Clean the entire foosball table with the right cleaner. Most foosball tables don't have a cover so it is prone to dirt and dust. To be sure your table is sparking clean, use a specialized cleaner. There are commercial brands available on the market today. 3. Glue all loose parts. Frequently check to see if any component or part has become chipped or has worn. For any chipped or broken part, glue them immediately. Failure to do so

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