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Foosball Strategy Overview:
Just like any sport or game, there are always strategies that can help give you an edge over your opponent and help you win games. Foosball is no different than any other sport in that developing a sound strategy will help you win the game. Foosball is just as much a mental game as it is a skill game. You have to learn to beat your opponent by using more than your speed. In fact, timing your opponent is almost just as important as your overall foosball shot speed and being able to out race them. This is the key element that makes foosball such an addicting and strategic game. This section will teach you foosball strategies you can apply to your game and help you maximize every opportunity on offense and defense. 

Learn to serve yourself the ball strategy - Every point during a foosball game starts with a foosball serve. Since serving yourself the ball is legally allowed within the official foosball rules and during tournament play, why not maximize your offensive opportunities by serving the ball to your 5 bar every time? Like all of the strategies listed here, this strategy will only work if you practice your passing and other ball control skills after you maintain control after the foosball serve. Simply add a little bit of spin on the ball as you are dropping it into the foosball table hole and it will roll to your 5 bar rod instead of your opponent's. With a little practice on the foosball serve, you will be able to catch the foosball straight from the serve and be able to attempt a pass. See the passing from 5 to 3 bar foosball strategy below to set yourself up for an offensive foosball shot.
Pass the ball from the 5 bar to the 3 bar foosball strategy - This is an important strategy because it provides you another offensive opportunity and increases your percentage to score a goal. If you simply use every 5 man opportunity to shoot the ball, you will never develop your foosball passing and catching skills and your shooting skills from your 3 bar. In a game where ball control and possession is everything, knowing how to pass from from the 5 bar to the 3 is absolutely critical to winning games against anyone that is above a beginner level foosball player. Plus, it is much easier to score a goal from your 3 bar because there is 1 less defensive bar blocking the goal, the distance to the goal is shorter which makes it harder to block, and you have the most variety of shot selection on your 3 bar.

Focus on one shot strategy - This foosball strategy is important because you need to remember that you can't be a jack of all trades when it comes to choosing your foosball shots on offense. You really need to focus on becoming an expert in one shot instead of just a novice shooter in all areas. Most professionals focus on the pull shot or the snake shot because these are the fastest shots that allow for the most options to score on your opponent. If you focus on one shot you can also become more skilled at setting up the shot, which will limit the amount of times you turn over the ball while trying to maintain control and set up your shot. Some foosball players may say that this strategy won't work for them in cases where they have an off day or are up against a defense that can defend well against their foosball shot. We would argue that performing a shot at the highest level you can will give you the best possible chance to win foosball games.  

Always follow the foosball with your men - This foosball strategy cannot be emphasized enough. It is imperative that you realize the importance of following the ball no matter where it is on the table or who has it. Most beginner players get distracted or don't realize that a lot of balls can be blocked simply by following the ball on the table. If the ball is on the left side of the table and your partner has the ball on offense, your men should be too! Your men should be constantly moving if you are doing this properly.

Shooting with an open hand or wrist flick strategy - The faster your foosball shot is the better chance you have at beating your opponent and scoring a goal. All advanced foosball players have a technique with the way they hold the rod and take shots. Most beginners tend to grip the foosball handle with their hand too hard. Keeping a loose grip on the handle will allow for maximum movement and speed and limit your resistance. You will know that you are holding the handle right if there is some space between your palm and the handle. Another strategy when shooting is to turn your wrist quickly and the rod should spin about 180 degrees when taking the shot. Turning your wrist a quarter of a turn will not provide enough speed on your shot and will not allow you to perform this strategy correctly.

A good defense will help out your offense - Always remember that defense wins foosball games. Many critics may challenge this strategy and argue that offense wins games, but developing solid defensive skills will be the deciding factor and cannot be overlooked. Just like in playing poker, a solid defender will play the percentages and limit their opponents changes by simply changing their formation and other subtle foosball techniques they develop over time. 

Make sure you maintain ball control - A lost foosball is a lost opportunity to score a goal and an additional opportunity for your opponent to score. In order to master this foosball strategy, visit the learn to pass and catch the foosball in order to give yourself the proper tools and training techniques to win foosball games. This is also one of those strategies that will be developed over time as you play various people and get yourself into different scenarios.

Do you want to play offense or defense? - An age old question that challenges most foosball teams that don't have a specific position they are better at. The truth is, there is no right or wrong when it comes to you or your partner playing offense or defense. However, there is a foosball strategy involved in selecting which player should be where. We recommend starting off the game where you think you will have your best shot at beating your opponent and analyzing the game as it progresses. Just like any other sport, if you have a large mismatch against your opponent on either side of the table, switch positions and throw off your opponents. You can typically reference the point when you are down by 2-3 goals as a good time to make the switch before the game gets out of control.  

Practice makes perfect - This is a pretty obvious foosball strategy but cannot be stressed enough. Practicing your foosball techniques over and over will obviously make you a more advanced player. Some skills like passing and shooting can be learned as you play the game by yourself, but you can practice defensive techniques when playing real games or by playing foosball goalie wars with some friends. Certain foosball tables are actually designed to make it easier to practice the game by yourself. Look for a table with a side ball return instead of end ball returns that will make it easy to grab the ball after shooting practice shots.

Play against opponents who are better than you are - Everyone likes to win whether they are playing foosball soccer or any other sport. The problem with winning every game is that you are playing against opponents that could be making your game suffer because it is too easy. Try challenging yourself by playing the best foosball players you can find and this foosball strategy will eventually pay off because you will have to adapt and refine your skills in order to win games. Every loss is an opportunity to learn how to enhance your skills. If you find a foosball player that is much better than you are, ask them for foosball tips that will help improve your game.


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