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As you play more, you get better, and will seek new ways to improve your game. The world’s best players have come up with their own improvisational solutions for some common performance issues, in the offline foosball game. Grip is key and sweaty palms defeat coordination and skill, some players have found that: Improve Grip: Nervousness = Sweat = Losing Scores. How do you avoid sweaty palms? Soft leather golf gloves help with grip, or some try: tennis racket rubber grips, cricket handle grips, balloons! Or even laytex condoms! Don’t want to DIY your equipment? Several companies produce products to combat slippery rods and palms. Many players wrap their hands, or the rods, with specially designed absorbent, tacky tape, available from most foosball accessory suppliers or sporting goods stores. Training Tricks: The world’s best foosers practice everyday, for many hours. However, even the best are sometimes unable to find an adequate opponent to keep up with their need to practice. A Rod-Lock lets you make several bars stationary, during game play. With a Rod-Lock positioned, you can practice, independently, on tricky passing shots and to improve stylistic moves. The trick to winning the game is how

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