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In Europe, foosball is typically played with only one goalie and a cork foosball. The headquarters for the International Table Soccer Federation is in Nantes, France. Professionals can compete for up to $100,000 in international tournaments that can last up to a week. The most expensive foosball table available is the “Opus” built by Eleven Forty, which costs $80,000. In Turkey, foosball is described according to the sound the ball makes, they call it Langirt. Foosball tournaments have been running as early as the 1950’s. Artist Maurizio Cattelan created a 7-meter (23 feet) foosball table that takes 11 players to a side. French-style players often call foosball “baby-foot”. Frédéric "Rico" Collignon has won seven world championships and is considered to be the world’s best player of the decade. Although the International Table Soccer Federation is located in France, only once has a player from France won a world championship in over 30 years.

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