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The Women of Foosball

  By Mary Grayson Last summer Liz Hill asked me if I'd be interested in promoting the women in foosball by interviewing the top players for Table Talk. These interviews would give the women a chance to talk about the things they wanted from foosball as well as tell their story to help us see what was winning for women today. The professional women of the sport would finally start to get some of the recognition they deserved. We were able to isolate some of the realities Liz and the other pro girls were facing, and began to see how some of them were affecting the entire female player base. Table Talk has devoted an entire section to women for the past year. Being our number one ranked player, I interviewed Liz first, right before the 1995 World Championships. Dominating the majority of the titles in '95, Liz was feeling little competition at the time and mentioned it in her interview. This, along with the spectacular showing of Cami Carter in the '95 World Championships sparked the lulling fire in legendary Cindy Head who made a much anticipated and exciting return to the tour. I interviewed Cindy at the beginning of the 1996

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