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Foosball Table Dimensions & Space Needed

Jeannie aks, "We are considering getting a foosball table for my family for Christmas. Can you recommend one for family use AND also give me the dimensions? I can't seem to find any online and need to see if it will fit ok in our basement. Thanks so much!" Your Table Consultant replies, "If you are still researching a foosball table... take a look at our buying guide located at this link,   In addition to the 'table dimensions' and 'room/space' needed for a table, it has some other good stuff that you may find helpful in your search for your families first foosball table" Notes from the link... Physical dimensions of a full size foosball table cabinet are appox Lengh of 56" and Width of 30". Don't forget that the rods stick out on the sides and players need room.  Minimum suggested playing area - 7 foot by 8 foot.  That'll give you a little over a foot at each end of the table and almost 3 feet on the sides for players in competitive position.  For big kids, a little more room would be recommended. A 10 foot by 10 foot area is ideal, until the

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Turn Your iPad Into the Foosball Table You Never Had Room For

If you've found it hard to shake your addiction to foosball after graduating from college, but your first apartment doesn't afford you the room for a table of your own, all you need now is an iPad and a willing opponent. The geniuses at New Potato Technologies have created this elaborate iPad housing that serves as a full-fledged foosball table, complete with stubby legs and eight two-axis control rods. It looks like it can support up to four players, but how you can cram four people around even the larger-sized iPad is a mystery left for you to figure out. Everything else—from the ball, to the rod-impaled players, to sound effects—is taken care of by a free accompanying app. And free is good because the table itself will set you back $100. Expensive, but a better option than giving up your bed so you have room for a full-sized table.

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