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The Women of Foosball

Although foosball is mainly a male dominated sport, women have made their presence well known around the world.  It is often that you refer to these top-notch female players by first name only and the response is an overwhelming, of course I know her. 

Typically women enter the sport as playing the goalie position but quickly evolve to the forward position, we’re not “just goalies”, we’re players.  Female players are well sought after as teammates in doubles competitions by the top ranked male players of the sport, they see the level of skill and intensity to win that women offer.  Don’t take female players lightly, they are fierce competitors with the skills to win in any division. So the next time you encounter a female player, don’t think to yourself, “she’s just a girl” because that girl will show you what it takes to play the sport of foosball.  "We’re not the cheerleaders of the sport, we are the sport".

Spanning over 4 decades, there are notable winnings by women in singles and in doubles events against the top-ranked male players.  At times, you’ll find men walking away from a match with a sense of bewilderment for losing to a woman, yet quickly turn that to respect her level of skill demonstrated.  Many of the top-level female players team together to compete against the men in the open events, often is it the women who are victorious. Most importantly, women are the ambassadors of sportsmanship that should be followed by all. 

Support the ladies of the USA Women’s Team for the 2014 ITSF World Cup!

Meet some of the Women's USA Team Foosball members:
Traci Brubaker (CO), a fierce forward with a game to beat the best-of-the-best.
Shelly Langley (CO), one of the all-time notable championship goalies.
Stayce Fowler (IA), a forward proven to win in all divisions.
Liz Moore (OK), repeated World champion with dominating forward skills.
Melanne Tosh (OK), long standing title winner and all-around master of the game.
Kristin Grogan (MD), focus is on building skills to the level of the well-known women of the sport.

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