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Foosball doesn’t have to be the common game of singles and doubles with the first to score the most points wins.  Add a little “funzy” to your game, it’s a fun free-style with anything goes format.  Let’s consider a few and then you try to come up with your own funzy.

4-on-4: That’s right, 4 people against 4 others at the same time! Everyone plays a single rod position.  When your team scores a point, the order of players rotates with the forward moving into the goalie position. So line up and get ready for some fun!  The only rule is that you cannot change hands once the ball is in play and every point counts.  Watch the video of the worlds most elite players: Frédéric Collignon, Todd Loffredo, Robert Mares, and Ryan Moore versus Billy Pappas, Rob Atha, Tony Spredeman and Tommy Adkisson. (Warning: content is rated PG-13 for language and sports betting.)

Round Robin: Two-player teams on each side, with one or more players waiting to play.  For the ease of explaining, think of one side of the table as the A side, the other as B, and the players waiting as the C side. When a point is scored by any team the C player moves into the A side goalie position and the current goalie moves into the forward A position.  The forward of A side moves to the goalie of B side, the goalie moves to the forward position of the B side.  And from there players continue to rotate through.  You can have as many players on the C side as you’d like. All players a get a turn at play in each position, with different team members, and the game moves quickly with every point scored.  All players are a winner!

To really add to the excitement, try 4-on-4-round-robin!

See ya foosin'

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