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Shooting a Pull Shot

Todd Loffredo, one of the all-time greatest players in foosball teaches us about a pull shot.  Click Read More to see an image of Todd shooting a pull shot.   Todd, where does the power start when shooting a pull shot?
Todd Loffredo:  The first place to start is your stance.  It is important that you have balance in whatever stance works best for you.   How long does it take to develop a pull shot?
Todd:   Developing any part of your game is determined by the amount of time and repetition you commit to achieving the result. I didn’t start out with the skill that I have today, it required dedication, passion, and determination. Repetition is key.   What is in that box on the table in the picture?
Todd:  About 100 foosballs of various kinds but mostly Tornado, which vary from batch to batch. Setting up your practice space is important, have several foosball handy to keep the repetition of shooting going. Good lighting, a maintained table, and cool environment make it easier to keep the focus the task.  Is the type of ball important?
Todd:  Not always, especially when you’re learning something new as the focus is on learning more about the stroke and the set up that works best.  When preparing for tournament play, it is key to have new balls to fine tune the feel and aspects of your skills.  Do you square or spray the ball when shooting?
Todd:  My pull shot curves at the start and then ends more in a square motion, it is a very small spray angle about 5-10% depending on the release point.  I pinch the ball the curve. The finish point is important, making sure you are ready to catch any rebound from a block.  How do you get consistency in your shot?
Todd:  Consistency comes from feel, feel comes from repeating exact circumstances.  What is your ideal set for the ball, is it under the rod, in front, or behind the rod?
Todd:  Depends on the type of ball and table for my ideal set.  With Tornado, I like it slightly set back of the rod. Other factors may include stickiness, humidity, temperature, and the grip of the ball.  Overall, how would you describe learning how to shoot a pull shot?
Todd:  Practice, practice, practice! Repetition and studying the shot with comparison to others until you get the feel, power, understanding, consistency, and speed you want.

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