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Best Foosball Table for Man Cave or Ultimate Garage Gameroom

What’s the best foosball table? It Depends!

Foosball, aka Table Soccer, has never been more popular and more “broad” in terms of expanding scope of foosball as a Serious Sport and Fun Challenging Game.   So, your search/definition/category of foosball may steer you toward a few different answers to "what is the best foosball table?" based off of your wants/needs.  Our Table experts will occasionally feature a top pick for different categories of buyers.   

Here is a featured table that adds to it great play characteristics some unique looks & features that are ideal for a garage foosball table of choice!

The Sure Shot RS from Performance Games Inc. This table features top playing components from Fireball brand (Man, Ball, Playfield, Rods & Handles that have been tried, tested & tuned over years).  The Cabinet is designed & constructed in US/Michigan by PGI.  The durable cabinet construction, 3/4" playfield and pedestal base makes this a beefier table than most you'll find.  Flush mounted minimalistic score markers allow for easier conversion of foosball "space" into workshop/garage/party room multi-use space.  The diamond plate down corners should look right at home (right in the garage) next to other toys in the ultimate man cave.  Down corners/details are customizable as are other cabinet features by the folks at PGI.  Click here =>  PGI Sure Shot RS for more detailed info & pricing.

Cheers & Happy Foosing


Still looking for your perfect table?  Check back for future featured top pick tables.  See also FringePursuits buyers guide here.

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